03 May 2010

Election Night Bingo!

Click to enlarge - hopefully. Each card above contains the names of the main target seats for each party - the colour is for which party is targetting them, or is shown - and a couple of 'wildcards' (for smaller parties getting any constituency at all). Mark them off as they come in! Traditional Bingo rules apply - lines / diagonals / corners / full card.
Each card below contains the names of members of the Cabinet, Shadow Cabinet, LibDem flat-pack bookcase, and a couple of randoms, plus some 'byes' (the X boxes). Mark with W (win) or L (lose) as the results come in. Traditional Bingo rules apply - lines / diagonals / corners / full card, both as 'coalition' (results in, W or L) and 'majority' (all the same W or L).

Get the pizza and booze in and enjoy...


  1. Great - many thanks young miss.


  2. But what happens if Dave doesnt get a majority and breaks down crying on camera? I'd like to think the cyber shrieking would actually bring down the whole interwebz. Thats what im praying for, that would truly be a moment to savour for life.

  3. Ha ha! Brill - Can't take part, because I'll be away for long periods, pretending to work, but my money is on deano!