26 April 2012

Call for action from AToS workers in France

Atos Healthcare in Britain: a shameful scandal known in France.

The British government eager for a small economy in crisis uses a variety of techniques. One of the most scandalous is likely that for which Atos won the tender for the Department of Work and Pensions. Indeed, in order to flush out "profiteers" and "valid to work" Atos has developed a system: an electronic form to evaluate the disabled, terminally ill cancer patients, disabled, injured workers. If they do not meet the criteria or if they do not go to the interview: their benefits are deleted.
The design of this form is a scandal because of people with profound disabilities can be considered capable of work and mental illness are not taken into account.
Associations of disabled are outraged to see Atos serve on the Board of Directors of Para Olympic Games and they ask the boycott.
According to the Daily Mail, 103 suicides have occurred since the implementation of this evaluation.

( 1 ) Atos Healthcare is a division of Atos Consulting who officiates in the health sector in the UK where it employs over 3,000 people. Its largest contract is with the Department of Work and Pensions, under which it conducts evaluations of disability for people receiving disability benefits, including the allocation of supported employment, compensation disability ("DLA") and disability benefits and industrial injury.

The capacity assessment work (WCA) is very controversial. It continues to be criticized in the UK, both through parliamentary inquiries by MPs, the judiciary, as well as advocacy groups for the ights of people with disabilities such as Citizens Advice.

( 2 ) These groups have highlighted many examples of terminally ill and severely disabled persons deemed fit for work and ineligible for benefits as a result of an evaluation conducted by computer by Atos Healthcare, which is paid 100 million pounds per year by the government for testing. Charities finally described the system as improper and remain concerned about its reliability, despite the government's commitment to improve it .

( 3 )Atos competence and its employees is challenged by health professionals. Atos has set up an automated medical examinations called "LIMA". Such examinations are widely criticized by those being evaluated.

( 4 )The system is automated with a number of yes / no answers, not allowing to take into account the progressive diseases, mental illness etc.., But also evaluating the functionality of biased criteria.
A particular question is: do you watch "Eastenders" and "Coronation Street"? (Two very popular television series in Britain). If the answer is yes, that means for the software that the person is able to remain seated 30 minutes, even though it noted that it looks at these programs lie.

Multiple errors in the records, some very coarse, were found.
There is also a refusal to accept other medical documents, including specialists.
A score of 55 examination centers Atos have no disabled access, and some are over 5 minutes to 15 minutes from the nearest station.

A significant number of disabled or sick, who were receiving welfare benefits formerly, are considered employable or able to integrate a vocational rehabilitation program. This means when the judgment of the perception of their allocations.
If they do not attend a job interview (but if they are disabled and this is made ​​impossible) their unemployment benefits are then arrested.

( 5 )Qualification or competence of examiners is questioned: 17 hours of training for nurses, a few days for doctors, and attractive salaries: £ 32,000 for nurses for a job from September to May hours without penalty, no work on weekends, etc.. ( 6 )

The type of people considered employable includes terminally ill cancer patients, people suffering from Parkinson's disease, chronic and debilitating illnesses for which there is no hope of improvement, but will next year ironing review each year.
The list is endless.
The Guardian newspaper in an article in March 19 (8) quotes Peter, a computer analyst officially registered blind in 2009 which was denied with the allocation and obligation to return to work. ( 11 )

Atos is expected to make recommendations that are reviewed by a panel that makes the decision. What is called in the text JCP decision-makers, which means the decision of JCP. JCP means more Job Centres, a glorified ANPE. It does not appear that there are members of the medical profession in this panel.
The recommendations are accepted at Atos 99.78% at the expense of those of general practitioners and specialists who follow their patients for years. ( 10 )

Many demonstrations of associations and activists have been held since the scandal erupted across the Channel to the point that we are surprised it is known in France. Protesters brandished banners that reads "Atos does not give a lot" and "Atos kills". A reference to the small but growing number of applicants who are killed after finding that benefits were eliminated. ( 12 ) ( 13 ) ( 14 )
If you read this Wikipedia article on Atos, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Atos , you will see that the French version is completely expunged from the English version which alludes to the controversy of the withdrawal of benefits Based on reviews conducted by Atos.
The omerta of the French press does not make us doubt the leverage of multinational Atos Mr BRETON. This same person who already has a history rife for at France Telecom, the company famous for numerous suicides.

Atos won the contract with the British government in an economic recession and a cost reduction program in the public sector. With the right-wing government of Mr Cameron, a real witch hunt was triggered against welfare recipients. A highly virulent campaign of the British government has portrayed the disabled as parasites who take advantage of the system, while fraud represents only 0.5%. In this context, the specification of Atos is clearly identified. The result is a reduction in the number of persons entitled to disability benefits because the criteria have changed.

Since the system was tested in late 2009, about 390,000 people have litigated in the courts of appeal against a decision on suitability for employment. The courts have been forced to open on Saturday and to increase their workforce by 30% since January 2010, the cost of these calls should reach 50 million pounds per year by the end of this month. ( 7 )
About 38% of all court appeals in favor of the applicant, and the benefit is subsequently granted. If an applicant is supported in his appeal by a person from an advocacy group, such as Citizens Advice, it is a success rate much higher for these calls, approximately 68%. ( 8 )

This shameful scandal should not stay in the shadows. Our duty as employees of Atos members and trade unionists, is to inform you about these events that affect disabled workers for whom we have special attention on this side of the Channel.
Your duty now is to participate in the outbreak of the scandal by informing your colleagues, friends and families.

French version here: http://sudatosorigin.blogspot.co.uk/201 ... ne-un.html


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